Encoders Hub is a newfangled agency providing services pertaining to software development, cyber security and recruiting process. Established by a group of highly motivated technologists, Encoders Hub provides simple yet efficacious solutions in apt and superlative way. Affixed by the passion and zeal, we aim for indefatigability as well as striving and meticulous nature to reflect on our work along with triumphant results. The very purpose for which Encoders Hub has been conceived and instituted is to diagnose and cure the pain points of the customers through novel ways. We look forward for creating amazing experiences through our way that is the LUNAR way. LUNAR for us stands for Logical-Unorthodox-Novel-Analytical-Radical.



According to Dr. Jill Young, an instructor in South University’s College of Business, integrity is the most important ethical concept because it covers such a broad area. “If you act with integrity, ethical behavior is just a natural progression,” she says. “Those who have integrity are guided by a set of core principles that influences their decisions and behaviors.” And we have our own sets of principles –

  • Sustainable development through partnership
  • Stick to professional ethics
  • Captivating our clients
  • Professionalism and Quality
  • Open process, action and result
  • Team Work


  • Research and Development – The fieldwork and evolution team includes industry specialist who comprehends the needs of efficient and productive functioning. They continuously focuson producing cutting-edge remedies to grow the productivity.


  • Fabricating – Our high capable team fabricates action plans which are personalized and innovative as per the requirements of each consumer, for achieving the desired results.
  • Technical Support – Our in-house technical support provides our clients with advice and assistance with any ventilation challenges they may face. Whether it’s a project requiring customized solutions to meet their needs or advice on enhancing the efficiencies of an existing system, our technical support team are always available.


  • Customer Service – As part of our Customer Care Program, our dedicated Business Development and Technical team are in continuous communication with our clients to assist them with any queries they may have and help with forward planning for future projects. We strive to provide our clients with quality service that keeps them informed about all aspects of our operations.


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